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Welcome to Somesimthings. This is a website that I have put together so that anyone who wants to can download my objects. I have been playing The Sims for about Five years, and I have been interested in hacking all the time. I started hacking objects for my own game, and this is my way of sharing them with others. I like to make new functions for my Sims to try out .

I have recently added a few updates, and I have a few more that I'm working on. I have kept all my files, and I've always had the game installed on my PC. Every now and then I play a little. And now I have been looking into some old files and I try to finish some "almost ready" objects. And I'm also working on some new hacks. I don't have that much time to play but IFF Pencil is still fun.

On this site you will find objects with Maxis original graphics or graphics I´ve made myself. Some have graphics I use with permission. I have done the hacking with first Script Station and later IFF Pencil 2, excellent programs. In the skillbuilding section there are objects to help you improve your skills when you are away from home. There are some hacked toys in the kids section. You can find hacked decorative objects like the Supersculpture and No newspaper sign.

I also host objects by mtaman and Ludic.

I have written a small hacking tutorial for how to fix the problem with objects disappearing when you go to live mode if you don't have the right expansionpack and some other hacking tutorials for beginners .

All downloads are free. I hope you enjoy these objects. You can clone the ones with Maxis or my own graphics and use your own graphics if you want to, but you must give me credit for the hacking if you put them up for download on a webpage. There is a magic cookie

The Sims 2 section was updated on December 22 2009 with a hacked coffee maker. I also have a hacked coffee maker and a hacked bed, and some new meshes.


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